Getting Truespeed is simple: enough people in your community sign up and... ta-dah! Ultrafast broadband, direct to every door.


"Amazingly fast and great customer service! Enquired on Tuesday, enjoying 200Mbps down and 460Mbps up by Friday!"

No hidden costs

No in-contract price rises

Great phone packages

Free standard installation*



"Thanks to our TrueSpeed business package, we have 250 Mbs fibre to home and two phone lines. With both of us working from home, this enables us to work normally and saves us from divorce (!)."




"We started with Truespeed last Spring and are so pleased with the broadband speed, really they’ve revolutionised our downloading of films, TV and YouTube etc."


"I have had Truespeed for a couple of year now, and the speeds have never dropped below 200mbps as they say. Very happy with the service and i haven't looked back"


"We started with Truespeed last Spring and are so pleased with the broadband speed, really they’ve revolutionised our downloading of films, TV and YouTube etc."

The installation engineers are a thoughtful group of people and they really do bend over backwards to help where they can!

After the installation, which involved a very thin black cable and a new router, we went from our old 4mbs connection with around 40 ms Ping to a 500mbps connection with 0 ping. If you or your children like online gaming a 0ms ping is fantastic, as the higher the ping the slower your reaction time to other players. As you can imagine the difference is a Milk Float VS a Tesla. 

So there you have it, in black and white, just how much life has changed since being connected to TrueSpeed’s broadband. We won’t sugar coat it, building a full fibre network to some of the South West’s hardest to reach areas isn’t exactly easy. It takes immense planning and intricate problem solving like you wouldn’t believe. But when you see how our service is helping people in their everyday lives, whether it’s to do with work or family life, it makes all the hard work entirely worth it.

We’re pushing forward and rolling out our full fibre network to more places than ever before so we can continue to help thousands more people get the connectivity they deserve. In the meantime, why not check out what more of our customers have to say about the service on our Trust Pilot reviews. After all, the proof is in the pudding.


Martin's ultrafast speed test - the results speak for themselves!

Have you ever thought about what life would actually be like with guaranteed speed, 200Mbps broadband? Could you imagine a world with no buffering, no arguments about who is hogging all the WiFi and no more video calls that are just frozen faces because of fluctuating speeds?

Well, we’re going to take you on an ultrafast journey so you can see for yourselves just how game changing truly reliable broadband can be. So you can decide if guaranteed speed connectivity really lives up to the hype.

To explain how it improves everyday life, we did think about boring you all to tears with facts, figures and technical jargon that makes even the most computer savvy mind spin…but thankfully we decided against that! Instead, we’ve asked for total an utter honesty, from the people who use the service day in and day out - our customers. We’re passing the reigns over to our customers so they can tell you about their journey to ultrafast broadband. So what are we waiting for, take it away Martin!

TrueSpeed kindly offered a meeting to explain more about their full fibre service, the long term benefits it would bring us and how it was installed. They also explained that they required a percentage of the area to Sign Up with them in order to make it happen.

I assisted with this by helping spread the word and talking to my neighbours about TrueSpeed so we could reach the required numbers as soon as possible - we were so keen to get better broadband! So after some village meetings where TrueSpeed Regional Managers came and spoke to the neighbourhood, and helped them understand why TrueSpeed’s offering was so different, building was approved.

"I'd suffered with poor broadband for years, so when the opportunity came along I knew I had to grab it!"

TrueSpeed engineers building the full fibre network

Next stop, installation...

What used to take my boys downloading the latest Fortnite update (an online game) 14 hours or more, now takes 5 minutes or less. We can all watch Ultra HD at the same time on 4 devices if we wanted to. 

Everything just works, all the time without any compromise. Uploading speed is also fast, in some cases uncapped and hits a whopping 1000mbps.

Hi everyone, I’m Martin a TrueSpeed champion for Congresbury, and like many of you out there, have endured slow internet for many years.

Let's talk about value for money:

Firstly, a household simply cannot access an uncontended line without huge costs, normally 10k to install and £100+ per month, so to have guaranteed 200mbps + speed with free installation, uncontended (Active Ethernet), full fibre to the door (no old copper wire to get in the way) is unparalleled by any other supplier.

Secondly, it adds value to your home. Most, if not all people do some work from home these days and a fast connection saves valuable time. Buyers will look at download speeds when purchasing houses. The potential of up to 10Gbps speed on offer is truly exceptional.

So overall, no other service comes close to the value for money. You would need to pay thousands for the speeds they offer and the local schools have benefited from the service enormously. If you are lucky enough to be offered TrueSpeed, there really is nothing to think about, it is truly the best service there is on offer, bar none and the best value."